They're all tough,
They're all determined,
But there's only -one room- in this arena (which is also one room ;D)
Animals from all over the world have gathered together to decide
which animal is the ultimate ride and the best survivor?

Pick your animal, choose the way you control it and start the entertaining fight!
You can play against bots, or your friends (on the same keyboard)!

== Set Characters ==

1) Click on the button above the player to decide whether a human plays it, a bot, or noone
2) You can also pick a name for each player
3) Click on the character to change it
4) If you chose a human, choose the way you want to control it

== Controls ==

Click the button below a character to change the way you control it,

Keyboard keys - decide which way to apply force (up, down, left, right)
Mouse - click on the arena and the player will follow your mouse

== Powerups ==

1) Boot with wings - speed up
2) Cake - shrinks your character
3) Blue Potion - grows your character
4) Red/Blue Capsule - let you pass through objects


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